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I am looking at picking up two bunker spoon rods.  I am looking for help/suggestions on reels.  I was looking at the TEK  700  or 800.  I like the idea of having the levelwind, but are there any problems with them?  Would you recommend the line counter?  I do not mind using my thumb but sometimes we fish with people who do not know to move the line back and forth.  I was looking at the Penn 113 HSP ...it is the gold standard.   I would say that these are not my only choices...others would be appreciated.  Tis the season!!


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 My first choice is the Shimano Tekota 800LC which has a line counter and if you use wire you no longer have to mark it (also braid and mono). Other reels are the Shimano TLD series the 20 or the 25 or a Penn 113H or the 6/0 and if you want to shop for used reels the older 49L penn is out ther as well. Also there is a reel made by Daiwa Seanline 400HW which is a highly used reel with level line.. I use 40# monel wire. It’s more forgiving than stainless. For backing, I then put 60# mono and a 60# mono leader.

Also i no lots of anglers using level line reels for wire line trolling with no problems at all.  Good Luck Send in some pics of your catches..

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